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About us

Firjan: competitiveness and benefits, side by side

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Become a Firjan member and count on an institution that works to improve the companies business environment, guiding, protecting and representing its members in the key issues for their competitiveness.

If your company is an industry, join your employer’s union. If it is one of the 100 employers' unions affiliated with us, you will have access to Firjan's exclusive benefits. The value of the monthly membership fee will depend on the table of each union.

If your company is part of the productive chain, providing products or services for the industry, join Firjan CIRJ, one of the largest and oldest voluntary business representation entities in Brazil and enjoy the exclusive benefits of being a Firjan member. In this case, the value of the monthly membership fee will depend on the number of employees your company has.

Check out the benefits of being a Firjan member:


Business Opportunities

Generating and stimulating business opportunities is one of the ways to increase the competitiveness and productivity of your company. Therefore, we constantly invest in actions and initiatives for our members.

Business Meetings

These meetings, sponsored by Firjan and partners, present cases from several companies showing their difficulties as well as initiatives that worked out. Those are also great opportunities to know products and services of companies from the same region, placing entrepreneurs, suppliers and buyers in direct contact, generating business opportunities, networking and new partnerships.

Meetings, workshops and business missions

Those events allow exchange of experiences, exposition of products and services of the companies, stimulating future businesses and increasing business competitiveness.

Support and information for credit lines and funding programs

Support and qualified guidance for companies to raise funds for the acquisition of machinery and equipment provided by development institutions such as BNDES.

Investor support

Information, conversation and infrastructure available to investors focused on attracting, deploying, expanding and retaining state investments.

Support in the international market

Support for companies wishing to launch or already operate abroad. We provide to the company information and services that facilitate this practice, as well as commercial protection analysis and market research.


Corporate representativeness

Firjan works and invests to ensure an increasingly favorable business environment, guiding, defending and representing its members in the fundamental issues for its competitiveness.

Acting with the public power at the municipal, state and federal levels

We defend issues that directly affect the competitiveness of Rio de Janeiro industry and its productive chain.

Actions to improve the business environment

We focus on subjects related to legal issues, infrastructure, logistics, innovation and management.

Access to Firjan regional offices

Firjan works closely with the entrepreneur at his company, facilitating conversation through regional offices in several parts of the state, as well as an office in Brasilia.

Business Councils and Forums

The Business Councils deal with strategic and structuring issues, cross-sectoral to the industry. The Business Forums debate fundamental issues for a particular industrial sector, such as reduction of fiscal obstacles, legislative and bureaucratic matters.

Training and knowledge

To grow and adapt to the constant technological, economic and behavioral changes it is essential that the entrepreneurs and their employees are aware of what happens in the market. That is why we offer solutions to keep your professionals updated, trained and, consequently, more productive.

Research, studies and analyzes

Access research, studies and analysis in firsthand. Current and relevant content to support our entrepreneurs when making decisions..

Technical advice: what is missing for your company to continuously grow?

Firjan offers specialized advice to its members in the following areas: Legal, Environment, Business and Social Responsibility. Therefore, it is possible to give full support to the business management of member companies, to simplify the understanding of the legal environment and to represent sectoral demands in the spheres of public power. An example of this is the technical advisory services on Environmental Management for Micro and Small Companies carried out by SENAI Institute of Environmental Technology from Firjan SENAI. They present simple measures that are able to reduce costs and help companies to comply with legislation.

Caravans, roadshows, technical and technological visits

Events that stimulate the exchange of knowledge, information, presentation of cases and the establishment of new partnerships, viewing the competitiveness of member companies. They take place in different regions of the state, addressing the most varied topics.


Learn about the benefits that Firjan SENAI, Firjan SESI and Firjan IEL offer with special conditions for your company to become even more competitive.

Firjan SENAI

Training more skilled and prepared professionals in the labor market

Firjan member companies have Firjan SENAI courses in different modalities: initiation, qualification, improvement, industrial learning and technical courses for several sectors. Firjan SENAI also offers technological graduation, extension and postgraduate courses at the SENAI Rio College, all of which are accredited by MEC. The courses are developed by technical committees, with the participation of companies and unions, as well as technicians and experts from each segment, to meet the real needs of the industry. The courses can be carried out in company, e-learning or in fixed and mobile schools throughout Rio de Janeiro.

With Firjan SENAI, innovation knocks at the door of your company

Firjan SENAI creates a favorable environment for innovation of the companies in a sustainable way, aiming the increase of competitiveness. Member companies receive qualified business advice and guidance on issues related to innovation management, such as fundraising through financial engineering services and intellectual property management. Firjan SENAI's Innovation Centers and Technology Institutes offer technological solutions to serve the various industrial sectors. They provide applied research, product development, technology consulting and laboratory analysis in Simulation, Bioprocess, Environment and Metallurgy. The companies also count on the Open Laboratory of Firjan SENAI, with state-of-the-art equipment and new technologies.

Firjan SENAI Talent Database, to find the professional you need

Your company has access to data from professionals trained by Firjan SENAI, split by industrial segment and by region. They are students graduated in the last two years in the courses of learning, professional qualification and technical course. With the Firjan SENAI Talent Database, the search for the right professional becomes simpler: just access, evaluate the curriculum vitae and book the interviews.

Firjan SESI

More schooling for your employees, more productivity for companies

With the Basic Education program for Youth and Adults promoted by Firjan SESI, the company improves basic education of the worker in elementary and secondary education. The company invests in the satisfaction and self-esteem of its worker, promoting a change of attitude and behavior. The result is increased productivity and reduced employee turnover. The employees' children also have special conditions to study in the network of Firjan SESI Schools, from early childhood education (from 3-years-old) to high school.

More health and life quality for your workers

The mission of Firjan SESI is to increase life quality and to promote worker’s health and productivity. After all, healthy workers work better and produce more. That is why Firjan SESI offers consultations, exams and integrated life quality programs in medicine, dentistry and sport for employees of member companies, as well as executive check-ups. The services can be held at scheduled times in Firjan SESI units, in mobile units or even in companies, when they have an adequate physical structure.

Prevention of occupational accidents and diseases

Member companies have access to Firjan SESI's programs (PPRA and PCMSO) that provide safer and healthier work environments. These programs identify the physical, chemical and biological risks within companies by holding qualitative and quantitative assessments of work environments. Regarding ergonomic risks, we hold the ergonomic analysis of work (AET), which establishes parameters that allow the adaptation of working conditions to the psychophysiological characteristics of workers, so as to provide maximum comfort, safety and efficient performance. We also provide advice and consulting for the implementation of solutions in work safety, courses and training. The result of this is to increase the life quality of your worker, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Complete cultural programming

With a network of theaters and spaces in Rio and Metropolitan Rio units, Firjan SESI stimulates cultural production and facilitates the population's access to shows and events. Being a Firjan member, your company has access to Firjan SESI's cultural programs, theater plays, music shows, films, exhibitions, workshops, among others.

Life quality and well-being inside and outside your company

Promoting life quality inside and outside the work environment is fundamental for human development. With this in mind, Firjan SESI brings a complete and diversified structure of sport and leisure for workers, their families and society in general, such as spaces for recreation, gym, soccer field, sports courts, water park, saunas, sand court and tennis court, with activities for all ages and styles.

Firjan IEL

Executive education: a major step towards competitiveness

Designed for entrepreneurs, executives and leaders, the Firjan IEL Executive Education Program courses present the management models practiced by reference companies in an objective and modern way. They are short and medium term courses, carried out in partnership with renowned universities and national and international institutions, and with contents aligned with the real challenges of everyday life.

Being a Firjan member, you have special conditions on all services of Firjan SENAI, Firjan SESI and Firjan IEL. Enjoy!



Regionals Firjan

Regionals Firjan / Firjan CIRJ

We are present throughout Rio de Janeiro in order to actively participate in the issues affecting the various industrial sectors of the state.

Each region has its industrial vocation, with specificities, challenges and strengths. So we work together with the entrepreneur where the company is located, representing its sectors and creating a favorable business environment.



Business relationship meetings

These meetings provide an exchange of experiences, exposition of products and services, stimulating future businesses and an increase in competitiveness.

Encontros de relacionamento empresarial

Oil Industry Directory in Rio de Janeiro

In its third edition, it presents analyzes on the most relevant oil opportunities, challenges and data, history up to 2017 and perspectives for 2018.


Special conditions in Firjan SENAI, Firjan SESI and Firjan IEL services

Take advantage of the many benefits to increase your company's productivity and competitiveness. Become a member of Firjan CIRJ and become a member of Firjan's network.

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Thematic meetings

Firjan CIRJ promotes thematic meetings throughout the year to bridge the gap between companies and public authorities. This articulation serves to represent the companies in the spheres of government and, thus, increase the business competitiveness. On the agenda, issues such as e-social, fiscal war, omission of ports, outsourcing and Block K Sped Fiscal.


Be part of the network of companies represented by the Firjan and increase your competitiveness with special access to all services from Firjan, Firjan SENAI Firjan SESI, Firjan IEL and Firjan CIRJ.