Industries in Rio

Rio de Janeiro, a state ready for large investments

Scenario for the State of Rio de Janeiro

Brazil has established itself as an important gateway for foreign investment and the State of Rio in particular has been of interest due to the diversity of its businesses and products with potential for internationalization, both in traditional sectors such as oil and gas, as well as in the creative industry, with fashion, for example.

With a GDP higher than countries such as Singapore and Chile, the State of Rio has the second largest GDP in Brazil. It has a vibrant, diversified economy and it is booming, with estimated investments of U$ 98.6 billion in the coming years.

The Sistema FIRJAN (Federation of Industries of the state of Rio de Janeiro) was one of the first, and biggest, business associations in Brazil. Actively supporting businesses for more than 180 years, FIRJAN’s goal is to promote competitiveness, education and quality of life for workers and society, contributing to the sustainable development of the State.

Some numbers for Rio de Janeiro:


How FIRJAN helps in this scenario

The Sistema FIRJAN contributes to the sustainable development of the State of Rio, being a powerful ally of the entrepreneur. We offer professional training for the industry workforce, promote access to innovation for companies, we liaise with the public and private sectors, in addition to providing various opportunities for education, culture and ensuring quality of life for society. Encouraging and stimulating an increasingly competitive and innovative environment, the Sistema FIRJAN helps Rio State industries to achieve even more positive results.


Planned Investments

According to Decision: Rio, a FIRJAN report, between 2014 and 2016 Rio de Janeiro State will receive more than U$ 98 billion in investments. Find out more about the sectors that will receive these investments, as well as those planned for infrastructure.


FIRJAN International
From Rio to the world, from the world to Rio: your business partner

FIRJAN International opens up new horizons for business between foreign businesses and those from Rio de Janeiro state. Its goal is to expand markets, promote strategic alliances and create an environment where the Rio de Janeiro entrepreneur can develop sustainable international business. To this end, it promotes exchange of information and transfer of technology and innovation, increases its partnerships with similar organizations internationally and encourages foreign investors to set up partnerships and business ventures with local companies.

FIRJAN International enhances the competitiveness of Rio de Janeiro industry abroad and promotes interaction with foreign companies in the state of Rio.

Learn how we can open up new horizons for you.

FIRJAN International is the institutional representative of Rio state industries at the international level. To this end it develops partnerships with organizations and private entities to create new channels for information, development of projects and strategic alliances.

Technical advice, certificates of origin, trade defence activities, and also measures to improve the business environment for foreign trade.

Courses, lectures, seminars and workshops to inform, train and update business owners and managers on the international business environment.

FIRJAN International organizes missions to major international fairs and international benchmarking meetings with leading companies in their respective industries. Furthermore, it hosts foreign missions in the state of Rio to promote business meeting events, seminars and workshops, encouraging the exchange of information and contacts.

With FIRJAN International the foreign entrepreneur has direct contact with the network of companies associated with Sistema FIRJAN. With this, a foreign business has the opportunity to create partnerships with local businesses, identify clients, customers and suppliers and thus do business deals that are interesting for both sides. In addition, the foreign businessman or businesswoman has access to strategic information, and access to the key players in the implementation of investments and a support infrastructure. All this for the foreign business to be able to set up locally. In addition,Sistema FIRJAN also offers tailor-made services and solutions to increase competitiveness:
Specialized professionals
Professional education courses offered by SENAI to train and qualify professionals for your company.
Innovation and technology
Technology solutions and SENAI innovation in many areas: environment, metallurgy, bio-processes and simulations.
Workplace safety
Various SESI workplace safety services to keep your employees safe.
Executive education
SESI courses to train and update businessmen and businesswomen on a variety of topics.

To further bilateral relations, create long-term agendas with priority countries and propose international activities of interest to the industrial classes, FIRJAN International has geographical committees to discuss relevant issues and further encourage the participation of Rio businesses in international business.

In addition to all the products and services, members can also get individual advice, customized services for import and export procedures, technology transfer, market access, trade defence and market research. FIRJAN International also acts in defence of their interests and requests from associated industries regarding foreign trade issues and international negotiations.

Contact FIRJAN International by phone (55) 21 2563 4600 or e-mail

Be part of the network of companies represented by the Sistema FIRJAN and increase your competitiveness with special access to all services from FIRJAN, CIRJ, SESI, SENAI and IEL.