Sistema FIRJAN: a sectoral look to comply with
the requirements of each industry

In the state of Rio there are thousands of industries.  Each one with different sizes, profiles and requirements. That is why it is so important to understand each sector.  Therefore, FIRJAN works closely with other industrial sectors to listen to their demands and gather entrepreneurs to approach specific issues of a certain sector, as well as strategic issues regarding the whole industry.

So, being in the building area or in the bakery, for example, or even in oil and gas and creative industry FIRJAN System acts as a sectoral look to offer concrete actions that will comply with specific requirements of each industry.

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Creative Industry
The link among industry and creative talents brings the know-how and creativity as main resources to add value for products, services and business.  From fashion to architecture, from design to audiovisual, from jewelry to games, creative industry offers to the consumer much more than products and services as an experience.

Oil and Gas
The oil and gas market, main engine of the economy of the state of Rio is basically made up of two groups: the operators in their exploration and production activities (oil companies) and the  supply chain of parts and services for these companies (for oil companies) one of the largest in size, covering sectors as shipyards, metal mechanics and plastics.  FIRJAN System performs strategic actions to follow the dynamism of this market.

Operating sectors and technical assistance

Sistema FIRJAN works for various sectors of Rio de Janeiro’s industry in order to meet specific needs through a wide range of services, providing technical assistance in areas such as:
• Innovation
• Investments
• Legal
• Environment
• International business
• Social responsibility

In a single place, innovative solutions for the industry to improve

Sistema FIRJAN has basic solutions for the industry to grow. With its five organizations it offers customized services to comply with specific requirements of each company, no matter size or business. Together with SENAI it qualifies professionals, offers state of the art technology and encourages innovation.  With SESI it allows that industries become more productive bringing health and security to the workers. And  IEL qualifies leaders and encourages entrepreneurial attitudes.  Likewise, FIRJAN and CIRJ create a favorable business environment for the industries and companies that are part of the productive supply chain.


img-solucoes_tecnologicas.jpgThe productivity of industry is directly related to the well being and security of its workers


Know the organizations that are part of the FIRJAN System:

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Be part of the network of companies represented by the Sistema FIRJAN and increase your competitiveness with special access to all services from SESI, SENAI and IEL.