Firjan: a sectorial view to meet the needs of each industry

Rio de Janeiro gathers more than 28 thousand industries, which employ almost 600 thousand workers. Each company has its own size, characteristics and needs. Understanding each industry is extremely important. That is why we work closely with a variety of industry sectors to listen to their demands and to join entrepreneurs to address specific problems in their industries, as well as common key subjects across all businesses.

Whether in the construction, food, beverage, oil and gas production chains or in the creative industry, we act with a sectorial view to offer special actions that will meet the specific needs of each business.

Learn more about two major industrial production chains in the state of Rio:

Creative Industry
Creativity and innovation have a transforming and strategic role in the production system, being indispensable to generate competitive goods and services in the market. Innovation and creativity have the ability to add value to products, highlighting the company, increasing its sales and allowing access to new markets. Creative professionals are strategic in all segments of the industry as a way to make the products and services differentiated and more competitive in the market. From fashion to architecture, from design to audiovisual, from jewelry to games, the creative industry offers consumers more than products and services: an experience.

Oil and Gas
The oil and gas market, the main engine of the economy of Rio, is basically formed by two large groups: the operators in their exploration and production activities and the supply chain of goods and services for these companies, one of the largest in size, covering sectors such as shipbuilding, metalworking and plastic. We act strategically to follow the dynamics of this market.

Here are some of the industry sectors of the state of Rio:

• Audio-visual                                                                     • Mechanical Metal
• Footwear, Bags and Accessories                                    • Furniture
• Construction                                                                    • Baking
• Shipbuilding                                                                     • Paper, Graphic and Publishing
• Jewelry and Costume Jewelry                                         • Textiles and Clothing
• Communication and Information Technology                   • Plastic

Firjan's members have technical advisory services in the following areas:

• Legal
• International Business
• Business Innovation
• Social Responsibility
• Environment

In a single place, innovative solutions for the industry to develop itself

Here at Firjan, we gather key solutions for the growing industry. With our organizations, we offer customized services to meet the needs of each company, regardless of their size or operational field. With Firjan SENAI, we train qualified professionals, offer state-of-the-art technology and encourage innovation. Firjan SESI allows the industry to be more productive, bringing health and safety to the worker. Firjan IEL capacity builds leaders who are increasingly prepared and promotes entrepreneurial attitudes. In conclusion, Firjan CIRJ creates favorable business environment for industry and companies that are part of its production chain.



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