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Entrepreneurship and business qualification to create better and more qualified leaders


Decision making is important for any executive. But making the right decision at the right time makes all the difference. After all, it is essential to have leadership that is ready to make the best decisions so that the industry can grow and adapt itself to the constant technologic, economic and behavioral changes. 

Focusing in the qualification of full leaders is the mission of IEL (Euvaldo Lodi Institute of Rio de Janeiro), the Sistema FIRJAN (Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro) institution that works towards broadening the strategic vision of businessmen, managers and executives. IEL offers business qualification courses where management models used by reference companies both in Brazil and abroad are presented.

IEL also uses workshops, lectures and events to encourage entrepreneurship and innovative practices. This is also done during the most significant moment: during the qualification of the future businessmen.

To do so, IEL approaches the academic world to the business world, stimulating the entrepreneur spirit within the young people attending universities and teaching institutions. It goes even beyond by offering a free-of-charge internship program that enables companies to hire new talents and students to get their first jobs.

You can count on IEL to expand knowledge and qualify future leaders.



Lectures, courses and information to form great businessmen

IEL executive education program

These are short-term courses in partnership with universities and well-known international institutions, which are ideal to perfect the knowledge of executives and thus improve business management. The contents are aligned with real every-day challenges. Apart from that, the courses can be shaped to suit the reality of companies or of a given industry and can be given in company.

IEL forum of business management

Joins businessmen and national and international experts to address management-related issues. The purpose is to promote business qualification and improve business management in the state of Rio de Janeiro.


Throughout the year IEL, encourages entrepreneur practices by means of lectures, workshops and seminars, two actions of which can be highlighted:

Seminar on Entrepreneurship: during the global entrepreneurship week, it joins businessmen, companies and Young university students to show novelties and trends, always valuing entrepreneur culture, creativity and innovation.

My Future Business: IEL, in partnership with PUC-Rio (Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro) and the Gênesis Institute, joins businessmen, universities, incubators and investors to help young university students to carry out their ideas. They are 12 meetings that include lectures, success-case presentations and teach the future entrepreneur to develop a business plan. In the end, the best business plans are selected and presented to businessmen and investors. The winner gets 6 months of pre-incubation in the Gênesis Institute and a course abroad.

Internship program for companies

IEL offers a free-of-charge internship program to help you company find new talents. The program includes all the process phases: recruiting, follow-up, renewal and termination. It also provides companies with guidance regarding internship legislation.




IEL's programs and actions


IEL Seminar on Entrepreneurship

Annual meeting that promotes entrepreneur culture by valuing creativity and innovation.


My Future Business

Meetings with businessmen and investors to encourage young entrepreneurs to carry out their ideas.


IEL Forum on Business Management

National and foreign lecturers debate management-related themes.



Be part of the network of companies represented by the Sistema FIRJAN and increase your competitiveness with special access to all services from SESI, SENAI and IEL.