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you find solutions for the growth of industry and society 

At Firjan, we strongly believe in this. Furthermore, we believe that Rio industry is one of the major change agents in the state. That's why we stand by them all, supporting and encouraging through Firjan SENAI, Firjan SESI, Firjan IEL and Firjan CIRJ.

Together, we generate ideas, jobs and develop solutions for the transformation that we look for.

Developing the industry is critical to the economy. Moreover, the industry generates jobs and income, broadens and creates new businesses, stimulates technological innovation and all this is fundamental, also, for the full development of the state of Rio and of the whole society.

Our mission is to ensure the sustainable growth of the industry. We represent all the industries of the state of Rio, which has 101 unions and about 4.182 employees and interns. Through our organizations - Firjan SENAI (National Industrial Apprenticeship Service), Firjan SESI (Industry Social Service), Firjan IEL (EuvaldoLodi Institute) and Firjan CIRJ (Industrial Center of Rio de Janeiro) - we operate in key areas such as business competitiveness, education and the life quality of workers and their families.

Our integrated work allows something unprecedented: to gather in one place all the support, incentive, information and solutions to stimulate the development of the industry. Therefore, whatever the challenge, the entrepreneur can count on our integral partnership, and the citizen can count on our commitment to transform the state of Rio.

Get to know our institutions and learn how each one transforms the industry:




Promote business competitiveness, education and the life quality of workers and society, contributing to the sustainable development of the state of Rio de Janeiro.



Firjan's highlights

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Firjan SESI Mathematics

Calculations, equations and angles are present in our daily actions and are indispensable. And to awaken the magic of mathematics in young people in a playful, interactive and logical way, the Firjan SESI Mathematics program proposes a change of look on the subject. Created by Firjan SESI, the aim of the program is to contribute to the improvement of mathematics education among students from all over the country. The program aims to train more critical citizens with improved logical reasoning, prepared for the competitive job market.

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IFDM 2018

The IFDM - Firjan Index of Municipal Development - is a study of the Federation that annually follows the socioeconomic development of all more than 5 thousand Brazilian municipalities in three areas of work: Employment & Income, Education and Health. 

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Firjan Fiscal Management Index

How do municipal governments manage their resources and how does poor management influence the competitiveness of the industry? The IFGF reveals how municipalities manage the taxes paid by the society, allowing the entrepreneur to know the quality of fiscal management and to know if his municipality will be able to invest in areas that are fundamental to the industry, such as infrastructure, innovation and logistics.

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Be part of the network of companies represented by the Firjan and increase your competitiveness with special access to all services from Firjan, Firjan SENAI Firjan SESI, Firjan IEL and Firjan CIRJ.