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Business representation to strenghten the industry

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Industry creates job posts, income, helps the economy, encourages technological advances, and improves infrastructure. If the environment is business friendly, the industry grows and this has a reflex in the development of the state, the country and the entire society.

Guaranteeing a business-friendly environment is the mission of the Federation of the Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro (FIRJAN), the institution of the FIRJAN System that represents and strengthens all the industries of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Legal representative of the 104 industry employers’ associations, FIRJAN performs within the municipal, state and federal spheres advocating issues that directly impact industry competitiveness. And it goes further still: developing studies and research on key themes for industry development with the purpose of anticipating trends, informing and pointing out solutions related to tax issues and bottlenecks in infrastructure, innovation, and logistics, among others. All this is done with the aim of guiding entrepreneurs and governors the best way possible in the decision making process.

As the industry grows, society gains. Count on FIRJAN to feed this cycle.

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Sistema FIRJAN, the path to development

The Sistema FIRJAN offers a set of benefits for its member companies to make them even more competitive.

Business Councils

Periodical business meeting to address strategic and structural issues that intersect the industrial sectors.

Business Forums

Periodical business meeting to discuss key issues related to a given industrial sector, such as the reduction of fiscal obstacles, legal and bureaucratic issues, among others.

Technical Advisory

Specialized professionals offering advisory on issues directly affecting the competitiveness of Sistema FIRJAN member companies: legal, international business, innovation, social responsibility and environment.

Publications and bulletins

The publications present studies and research on key issues for the development of the industry, pointing out solutions for tax, infrastructure, innovation, and logistic issues, among others. Bulletins, on the other hand, present news regarding FIRJAN’s strategic performance to raise business competitiveness.

Other benefits

Apart from business representation, technical advisory and strategic information, members of the Sistema FIRJAN also count on other exclusive benefits and access to SESI, SENAI and IEL services in special conditions, as shown below:

SESI Occupational health programs
Life quality programs
Hiring of dental-care mobile units
Hiring of basic education for young people and adults with the purpose of improving the school level of employees
SENAI Professional education
Technical and technological consulting
Hiring of technologic laboratory services
IEL Internship program - Administrative management
Executive education - Customized management courses
FIRJAN/CIRJ Studies and research
Advisory on credit lines and financing programs
Advisory for operation license process for companies producing chemicals controlled by the Federal Police
Participation in exclusive events
Issuance of Certificate of Origin
SESI Medical and dental appointments
Education (basic, intermediate and fundamental)
Sport and leisure
SENAI Professional education
Faculdade SENAI Rio – Graduation and post-graduation
IEL Executive education - Management courses


FIRJAN (Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro)
If you are an industry businessman, you should find out if your association is one of 104 industry employers’ associations associated to FIRJAN. When your become a member of your employers’ association you also become automatically a member of the FIRJAN System and can count on exclusive services.

CIRJ (Industrial Center of Rio de Janeiro)
If your company is part of the industry productive chain, become a CIRJ member. This way, besides being represented by one of the largest volunteer business representation entities in Brazil, you company will also be part of the FIRJAN System associate’s network and be able to count on qualified information and technical advisory, as well as several benefits to help you increase your company’s competitiveness.

Up to 75 R$ 50
From 76 to 375 R$ 100
From 376 to 1.525 R$ 250
Over 1.525 R$ 400

* Only for non-industrial companies.

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Regional Representations

FIRJAN/CIRJ Regional Representations

Each region of Rio de Janeiro state has its own industrial inclination, with its particularities, challenges and strengths.  In order to perform together with the local businessmen right where their companies are inserted, representing their sectors and creating a favorable business environment, FIRJAN and CIRJ have regional representations (RRs) scattered throughout the state of Rio de Janeiro.



FIRJAN’s programs and actions

Learn about three FIRJAN actions that provide an every-day contribution to improve industry productivity and competitiveness.


Decisão Rio (Decision: Rio Investments)

It conducts a survey among the various investors regarding their investment plans for the state of Rio de Janeiro over a three-year period.  Thus, decision makers in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and also from abroad, can find out about the Brazilian market trends and identify business opportunities.


Série Quanto Custa (How-Much-It-Costs Series)

A series that shows service costs (electric energy, gas, broadband, etc.) that place national industry at a disadvantage level compared to international competitors.


Índice FIRJAN de Gestão Fiscal - IFGF (FIRJAN Fiscal Management Index)

How do City Halls manage their funds and how can bad management affect industrial competiveness? The IFGF discloses how taxes paid by society are managed by City Halls, providing the businessman with an insight into the quality of fiscal management and to know if their municipality will be able to invest in key areas for the industry, such as infrastructure, innovation and logistics, among others.




Be part of the network of companies represented by the Sistema FIRJAN and increase your competitiveness with special access to all services from SESI, SENAI and IEL.